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Collecting some of the rarest coins and stamps of ancient time or getting them inherited is really a pride possession and a great work to show your enthusiasm. We, IdealNY.com also appreciate your dedications and deep interest for having the collection of such rare things. With an aim to respect you hard dedication, we have come up with collection appraisals so that we can provide you the price honor and the best worth of your collection (in case you want to sell them).

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled managers who have deep knowledge about such ancient things and for that matter they also use latest tools so that they can provide you the best that you deserve.

No matter, whether you are a coin collection, stamp collector or have deep enthusiasm in collecting rare things of the world or you have inherited stamp collection/coin collection, we endow you with philatelic information and complete solution on stamp/coin collection along with collection appraisal. For those enthusiasts who have a deep enthusiasm in collection appraisals, we are a one stop solution for them where they can find how much are their stamps/coins worth.

We are a pioneer name in the industry for providing precise collection appraisals for stamps, coins and a number of other rare things. So, come to us and make your dream come true for what you have and you want the right collection appraisals for that.

Ideal Stamp and Coin specializes in all stamps, coins, gold, and silver bullion. Come visit one of our experts and have your collection appraised for free.


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Everything has value, so come in and bring your stamps, coins, scrap gold or silver to see what we can offer you. Ideal Stamp and Coin established 1957 is your trusted source for stamps and coins. We are one of the strongest buyers of all stamps, coins and paper currency. We buy everything!
No collection is too large. Call today.

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