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Collecting ancient coins, stamps and some rarest pieces of art is a common phenomenon. However, some people receive stamps and coins as honorable prize for their work; while others collect them to decorate in their showcases to add more glory. But for some time, for both beginners and advanced collectors, who by any reason are going to sell stamps, need not go anywhere. Now, you can easily sell stampsof the United States from the Classic to the Back of the Book say like Ducks, errors, Confederates, US Possessions, and the list goes on.

Ideal Stamp and Coin in NY, a pioneer coin and stamp company has a huge stock of stamps in all grades and conditions from the highest quality possible for the most selective collector to the lower grades for the price shopper. Ideal Stamp and Coin is your one-stop shop when you look for the right places to sell stamps, coins, costume jewelry, and expensive metals such as gold and silver and the list goes on.

More incredibly, you will feel psychological satisfaction and reliability here because there are no middle men and no secret commissions. Thus, we also offer you the highest prices. Ideal Stamp and Coin in NY, a trustable name in coin and stamp business for last 50 years, has been an industry leader since 1957 specializing in buying stamps of all nations. Thus for beginners and advanced collectors who sell stamps for any reason, we have established a global reputation for buying and selling some of the unusual stamps and assembling the finest stamp collections.

Our stamp experts are proud members of IFSDA, ASDA, APS and CSDA. Moreover, we never compromise with quality and with acceptance. Determine why we are a leading buyer of stamps and coins or a one stop shop for sell stamps. It all comes down to trust, honesty and respect and what more is that we always endow stamp enthusiasts with a fair offer which is accepted 95 percent of the time. Whether you want to liquidate a lifelong collection or sell stamps or a single rare item, let us help you achieve your goals. We work with the sole motive.

You are selling.. We are buying!!

We are on a major buying spree.

Everything has value, so come in and bring your stamps, coins, scrap gold or silver to see what we can offer you. Ideal Stamp and Coin established 1957 is your trusted source for stamps and coins. We are one of the strongest buyers of all stamps, coins and paper currency. We buy everything!


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