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Investing in Gold » Investing in Silver

Investing in Silver

While gold may be the world's most sought-after bullion, silver is also worthy of a place in every collection and investment portfolio. One of the great advantages of investing in silver is that it is more affordable than gold ... but offers all the excitement of gold ownership. In general, the price of silver rises and falls in tandem with the price of gold.

The future for silver appears bright. It is always popular with collectors and investors, but much of the recent rise in silver bullion value can be attributed to the fact that it is in demand by industries such as electronics and computers. The world supply is vanishing, because less silver is produced annually than is used by industry ... meaning that the value is expected to keep rising.

Silver was the predominant precious metal in U.S. coins from the late 1700's to the mid-1960's, so it has a special place in America's coinage history. As a result, many coin collections center around classic silver coins such as the Morgan Silver Dollar or Walking Liberty Half Dollar. And since silver coins have not be issued for circulation in almost half a century, all silver coins are widely collected.

The most convenient way to invest in silver, however, is with American Eagle silver bullion coins struck by the U.S. Mint or silver bullion bars from accredited refiners. Silver bullion coins are struck with one ounce of pure silver and have the extra advantage that they can be added to an IRA or other retirement investment account.

Silver bullion bars are preferred by investors who want to acquire large amounts of precious silver. Most bars are created with between one ounce and 100 ounces of pure silver, and even larger bars are available for serious investors.

Like all precious metals, the value of silver bullion fluctuates according to market conditions.

Ideal Coin has been a major source of silver coins and silver bullion for many decades. Whether you are a collector or an investor, we can help you create a personal acquisition plan that will help you meet your goals.

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