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Investing in Gold » Gold Coins in Your IRA

Gold Coins in Your IRA

According to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, you can legally add gold bullion coins to your IRA and other retirement accounts. You can also rollover all or part of your existing retirement account, so it's easy to get started right away.

This is great news for collectors and investors, because it provides you with an exciting and proven alternative to standard investments. Being fully invested in stocks and bonds can place your hard-earned money at considerable risk, so you really owe it yourself to consider diversification into gold.

All U.S. bullion coins, which includes American Eagle gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins and American Buffalo gold bullion coins, can be included in your investment portfolio. Also eligible are certain other bullion coins made by government mints and bullion bars made by approved refiners. Bullion bars are a convenient way to secure precious metals in sizes up to 100 ounces or more.

To be eligible for an IRA or other retirement account, the bullion coins and bullion bars must be held by a custodian bank or third-party trustee. If you do not already have an account, Ideal Coin can recommend several high-quality, reliable custodians with impeccable reputations.

For help with an IRA or other retirement account that can include gold bullion coins and other bullion items, call Ideal Coin today for a no-obligation consultation with an accredited expert. You should also talk to a tax expert before setting up an account.

The following bullion coins and bullion bars are eligible for inclusion in your IRA:

  • Gold, Silver, and Platinum American Eagle bullion coins from the U.S. Mint.
  • Gold American Buffalo bullion coins from the U.S. Mint.
  • Canadian Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Maple Leaf bullion coins.
  • Austrian Gold and Silver Philharmonic bullion coins.
  • Australian Gold and Silver Kangaroo, Silver Kookaburra, and Platinum Koala bullion coins.
  • Mexican Silver Libertad bullion coins.
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium bars from APMEX, Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, and NYMEX- and COMEX-approved refiners and assayers.

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