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When selling gold bullion, silver coins, other precious metals, stamps, jewelry, or any item of value, an accurate appraisal is the key to getting the most cash.

At Ideal Coin, we have a full team of experienced and expert appraisers. They can evaluate everything from a single gold coin to a large lifetime collection - and all without cost to you. No collection is too large or too small. And when you're ready, we can also help you sell for the right price.

A true appraisal, like those conducted by Ideal Coin, looks at each and every item. Don't be fooled by charlatans offering cash based only on the weight of a coin or piece of jewelry.

Why is this important? Because often, a coin's value is much more than its precious metal weight alone. The numismatic value means that certain dates and mint marks can make a coin worth many times its bullion value, and it takes a trained professional numismatist to evaluate a coin accurately.

Every coin is different, and some are rarer and more valuable than others. We'll tell you what you've got, and we'll offer you the most cash.

The same applies to many other items - from a stamp collection to an heirloom ring - where the individual parts often add up to a greater value than might be apparent from the item alone. Most appraisers won't tell you this, depriving you of the money you deserve.

Selling coins or any collectible items without a proper appraisal means you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. It's like selling a diamond ring for only the precious metal value. You wouldn't give away the diamonds, so don't give away what is rightfully yours.

We conduct everything from a single coin appraisal to complete collection appraisals and estate appraisals. There is no obligation to accept our offers, but 95 percent of our offers are accepted because they are generous and fair.

  • We offer free appraisals by certified professionals with many years of experience.
  • We are trusted in the local community and beyond.
  • There are no middle men and no hidden fees or commissions.
  • We can offer you the highest prices.
  • We pay cash.

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