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We are active buyers of all United States coins, as well as U.S. paper currency and world coins, as well as individual rare coins, medals, and other one-of-a-kind items.

Our staff of professional coin experts guarantee that your collection will be in good hands and will receive the care and attention it deserves. We will also offer you the best possible price, resulting in a 95 percent acceptance rate from your fellow collectors.

Furthermore, our vast global network of dealers and collectors means that your collection will be enjoyed by others who share your passion for coins and history.

As a further mark of the quality service we provide, our numismatic experts are proud members of international organizations such as the American Numismatic Association, NGC, PCGS, and BBB.


We want your stamps!

With more than 50 years of experience specializing in stamps of all nations, we have established an unmatched global reputation for honesty and trust. Our highly-trained stamp experts will be happy to assess your collection and make a fair offer.

Your collection will be in a safe and secure office, giving you peace of mind while your prized possessions receive an honest appraisal.

In addition to lifetimes of stamp collecting and stamp knowledge, our experts are members of prestigious international professional philatelic organizations including the American Philatelic Society, American Stamp Dealers Association, Canadian Stamp Dealers' Association, and International Federation of Stamp Dealers Association.

Gold and Silver

Gold is at historic highs and silver is in greater demand than ever before, so this may be the perfect time to sell your unwanted gold and silver coins, bullion, and jewelry. You may be surprised how much it is worth today!

As with all items we appraise, we will be happy to provide you a safe, secure, and honest evaluation of the value of your gold and silver coins, gold and silver bullion, and jewelry. Thousands of people trust us with their prized possessions, and we offer immediate payment.

Contact us today for an appointment. All appraisals and transactions are confidential, safe, and secure. You can trust us when the time comes to sell.

Ideal Stamp and Coin specializes in all stamps, coins, gold, and silver bullion. Come visit one of our experts and have your collection appraised for free.


You are Selling We are Buying
We are on a major buying spree.
Everything has value, so come in and bring your stamps, coins, scrap gold or silver to see what we can offer you. Ideal Stamp and Coin established 1957 is your trusted source for stamps and coins. We are one of the strongest buyers of all stamps, coins and paper currency. We buy everything!
No collection is too large. Call today.

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